Sharing some random thoughts, views, and feelings through creative writing.

No More – August 17, 2019

Consumed by reckless thoughts and never ending questions of how, why, and when, I have lived my days swathed in a blanket of misery.

Never have I told anyone of my true state.

I kept a strong face amidst the lies and the chaos.

I’ve been swimming in the pool of broken promises and had put blame on myself for far too long that I had to break free.

Terrified, I battle my demons and faced the cold, hard truth.

Acceptance is key.

With a clear mind and a strong heart, I burned all bridges and erased all the years of shared memories that has been causing pain.

It was over.

I don’t look back.

No more.

Just when I thought it would be hard, I realized how interestingly easy it was.

I realized, how a person is unworthy of tears and time when despite everything you did for them, they opted to throw away everything and betray you.

I was loyal but that person never deserved that loyalty.

I was committed but that person never saw that commitment.

I was honest but that honesty was not reciprocated.

I was brave enough to face the truth and pity that person who was coward enough to hide in the shadow of his lies.


What I Miss – February 10, 2019

So many stories I want to tell because I always tell you everything.

So many things I want to do because I know you’ll enjoy them too.

So many things I miss doing with you because I don’t want to do them by myself. 

It’s our thing.

So many things I wish I can share with you because you’re the only person I like to share things to.

I know they will never happen no matter how much I want to.

I miss you.

I miss the old you.

Our once happy moments became distant memories – bound to fade.

It aches to let go of what used to be. It breaks me to wake up to the sad truth that every memory we shared are gone.

More than anything, it breaks me to wake up to the sad truth that the person I consider to be my best friend in the world shattered my world.


Stranger – January 28, 2019

People come, people go.

Whoever stays, you’ll never know.

Sometimes we give chances,

to those we meet.

We brave the world to seek for that

one person we feel unique.

We used to be strangers

then our faiths collide.

We let things unfold and

made our hearts decide.

You became my pillar

until you decided to let go.

What happened to us?

a question I’m afraid to ask so.

From strangers then to

strangers we have become.

If faith would allow it,

maybe we’ll meet again somehow.

BLISS – January 10, 2019

Hopeful she is.

Patiently waiting for her true love’s kiss.

Much to her delight,

A dashing young man came to sight.

For days fly like it was forever,

She thought this bliss would never end.

Much to her despair when things started to unravel.

She thought it was forever, as she did not foresee what future holds.

Vivid memories of their kiss starts to fade.

Lessons of the bitter truth remains.

Hope is what fills her heart.

Patience has been her weapon from the start.

Determined that one day,

she’ll find her heart’s better half.