This blog is a personal diary of an introvert author. A newbie entrepreneur who broke free from the corporate world to pursue her passion and dreams of becoming a successful #girlboss someday. She spends her free time reading self-help books, writing, watching her favorite shows on Netflix, listening to motivational podcasts, drinking coffee, zoning out (at times), drawing (for her mini projects), sketching, doodling, bullet journaling, and playing with her dogs. She secretly dances in the bathroom and only a few people know about her passion for singing. She enjoys spending a lot of “me time” but also makes time for her close friends (she has a very few but quality set of friends).

A frustrated writer, she started this blog to document her day to day adventures, travels, favorites, simple joys in life, poetry, love of books, bujo, and art, her musings, and her fancy for some luxury stuff. This blog is her way of expressing herself, her creativity, and passion for writing. She also makes journal entries of her day from time to time in the hopes of finding readers who can connect with her.

Why Happy Orchid? Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. All of which sparks interest to the author. Through this blog, the author wishes her readers happiness and optimism.

Connect with her, leave comments, share your thoughts, hobbies, interests, and just enjoy!