BTS New Single – Dynamite

After weeks of excitement and anticipation, BTS’s new single finally came out last Friday, August 21. Dynamite is the group’s first fully recorded song in English. It is also the first single for their upcoming album. The song’s catchy, energetic, and upbeat tune will make you want to get up, grab your shoes, and dance. Not to mention, seven handsome fellas singing, dancing, and having fun. while you get into the groove. It exudes the positive vibes you need after a long, hard day or if you just need an instant pick-me-up.

Dynamite Official MV

Days before the release of their music video, teaser photos were uploaded on Big Hit’s social media accounts which truly made Armys even more excited (me included of course). Dressed in pastel, retro, and disco fashion, each member debut a fresh new look for their new single. Aside from the teaser photos, some members kept us updated with selfies uploaded on Twitter. The Dynamite teaser video was also released a couple of days before, giving us a snippet of the awesome video waiting for us.

Photos from BigHit Entertainment – Individual Member Photos
Photos from BigHit Entertainment – Individual Member Photos
Photo from BigHit Entertainment – Group Teaser 1
Photo from BigHit Entertainment – Group Teaser 2


Ever since the release of the photo teasers, I tried my best to be active in posting more BTS related content on my fan account, Just Buhnnie. To my excitement, I did make a Dynamite header for my Twitter account. I also shared it to everyone who also wants to have a Dynamite themed header. I also participated in sharing updates and contents about BTS on Twitter and Instagram. Aside from the teasers and selcas, the members were active on Weverse too. News about their upcoming offline and online concert this October were also shared during Big Hit’s Corporate Briefing with the Community. The TinyTan animation was also released a couple weeks ago. There were so many BTS related updates and contents that I almost had a hard time catching up. It was a fun, BTS filled week(s) for me. I’m one happy army.

The fun did not stop there. Just days after Dynamite Official MV was released, Big Hit released Dynamite (B Side) – an equally adorable and fun video coupled with some entertaining bloopers from the members.

Dynamite Official MV (B Side)

As of writing this post, the Dynamite Official MV has already surpassed 200 Million and views and currently on number 1 trending video on YouTube followed by Dynamite (B Side).

*Featured image is from BTS Official Facebook Page

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