Weekend Babble

Navigating through a mundane filled week makes me hanker for something different all the time. A battle to survive everyday boredom is no joke. Gladly, the week has gotten more exciting as I anticipated the comeback single of BTS. From selfie posts on Twitter, teaser photos on Instagram, interviews, teaser video to the actual release of their new single, it has been a BTS filled week for me and I loved it. A little slice of excitement is all I need to get me through the day after all. If you’re into BTS too and you haven’t seen their new video, you can go check it out.

I went out a couple times this week to do my usual errands. My cousin and I went out to pick up some stuff and went on to look for a decent laptop for my niece who will be starting school next month. With our current situation, the usual trip to bookstores are replaced with a trip to computer shops as classes are now held online. I’ve seen parents carrying newly purchased printers, desktop sets, and laptops inside the malls.

My recent purchase from my best friend, Lazada just came this week. I’ve been looking for a BT21 Baby RJ Cross Bag from the Line Friends Store but unfortunately, they are out of stock. I took my chance and browse through Lazada and finally saw one. I bought it right away together with a an RJ mini pouch in a PVC, canvas material. Once again, Lazada came to save the day.

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