Vice Cosmetics x BT21 Collaboration Part 2

Lately, I’m becoming a frequent visitor of the Lazada app. It just knows the right products to recommend. I regularly get notifications that I wish I have a boyfriend who would send me texts that frequently. A week ago or so, I got a pre-sale notification about the Vice Cosmetics and BT21 Collaboration Part 2 (I wasn’t even aware of the part 1). It was a PR kit which consists of 4 new shades of the Dewy Tint, 4 new shades for the Cheeky Blush, and a cute BT21 pouch all put together in a cute round box with BT21 characters drawn on the cover.

After a few days, my PR Kit arrived and it was the loveliest box I’ve ever seen. To be honest, I didn’t set any expectations about the products because it was super affordable and the only reason why I got them was because of BT21. Little did I know that I’ll end up loving the products for their quality and formulation. In fact, I’ve been wearing a blush and lip tint everyday since I got the package; a different color for each day.

The whole PR Kit retails for PHP 1,495.00 (Philippine Peso) or approximately USD 30.00 depending on the current exchange rate. You may also purchase the products individually for PHP 195.00 each (approximately USD 4.00). The pouch may not be available for sale.


The Cheeky Blush comes in four (4) shades: Everyday Nude, Perfect Peach, Playful Pink, and Sheer Plum

Everyday Nude and Perfect Peach are perfect for day time if you’re aiming for that subtle, sun kissed look. Playful Pink and Sheer Plum are great for night time but can also be good for day time. Playful Pink is great if you want a slightly noticeable blush. If you’re leaning towards something darker then Sheer Plum is more in your alley. Whatever shade you get, they are all wonderful because they are suitable to any skin color. Plus, they are buildable so you can layer on if you want the shade to be darker; it’s your preference. The smooth, cream based formula is non sticky and comfortable to use even on a hot day. I love that I get all that value without having to break the bank. Check out my color swatches below.

Cheeky Blush Swatches


Dewy Tint comes in four (4) shades: Fresh Nude, Merry Mauve, Brick Red, Rosy Pink

Fresh Nude somehow has a peachy tone to it. Perfect for everyday if you’re going for a light, dewy tint. I often use Rosy Pink as my go-to tint whenever I go out. People may not see it because of the face mask but still, I feel confident knowing that I’m wearing a tint on my lips. Brick Red and Merry Mauve are both on the red side (duh!) but Merry Mauve is slightly darker. The lightweight formula stains your lips without the tacky feeling. What I love most about the Dewy Tint is that it doesn’t come off easily which means I don’t need to reapply often. I’m really lazy when it comes to my lips so it is absolute perfection whenever I wear something long lasting. Check out my swatches below.

Dewy Tint Swatches

Overall, the products are nicely pigmented. The formulation and quality are great for its price; and the packaging is cute (of course). I’m definitely impressed with the products and will continue to use them everyday.

I’m not really an expert when it comes to make-up so this blog is not really an in-depth review of the products. I still hope that I have imparted a few points in case you are thinking of buying one for yourself.

I also did a little unboxing video on my YouTube channel, Just Buhnnie.

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