Weekend Babble

Welcome back to our weekend chat! I hope you guys had a great week. I had a slightly expensive week (if there’s even such a term..I’m not sure). You’ll find out in a while why I said that.

Anyway, as mentioned in last week’s babble, we are once again under two week quarantine so no errands for me. On the positive side of things, it gave me the time to harness my creative juices and put them to good use by creating a few contents for my blog, YouTube channel, and designing my bullet journal spreads. Just like that, it felt like we hopped on a teleportation machine and jumped through the week. I barely even noticed the days change if I’m being honest.

With my new found inspiration, I’m slowly becoming more active with blogging and making content for both Happy Orchid and Just Buhnnie. From writing, video making to creating my mini comic strips for Just Buhnnie, I’m surely making use of my free time well.


If there’s one thing I learned during this whole pandemic, it is to never let negative thoughts consume you. I had a rough start during quarantine. The thought of quarantine, halt from business operations and not knowing when we can resume work, the actual pandemic, and other uncertainties made me restless. I’ve never been that anxious all my life.

After a much needed self reflection, I realized that I’m not making use of my free time wisely. Instead of sulking over the things I cannot control, I chose to channel my energy to things that would contribute to my growth. I came across an article on LinkedIn about how business people use their time during the pandemic. Most of them are spending the time learning new things and thinking of innovative ways to make their businesses thrive during this time of uncertainty.

I tried to apply the same spirit and approach to my everyday life. My days are spent more productively by opening myself to new hobbies and trying out new skills. I frequently check out new blogs and YouTube videos that are not only entertaining but also contributing to my knowledge and learning of new skills.


Remember when I said that I had a slightly expensive week? Some of my newly found hobbies come with a price. A couple months ago I started collecting BT21 items with RJ being my main focus. From plushies, key chains, bag charms, and even make up, I’m collecting them all. Just this week, my Vice Cosmetics + BT 21 Collaboration Part 2 PR Kit arrived and I did a little video on my Just Buhnnie YouTube channel which you can watch here. My main reason for buying the kit was because of BT21 but I ended up liking the whole collection. I’ve been using the Cheeky Blushes and Dewy Tints at home, every single day ever since I got them. My mom even asked me a few times if I was wearing make-up. At least somebody noticed me wearing them right? There’s no way people would see me wearing make up since I have to wear a mask going out.

BT21 RJ collection

Vice Cosmetics x BT21 Collaboration Part 2 PR Kit from Vice Cosmetics, Lazada

Aside from collecting BT21, I’m slowly building my BTS album collection. To my delight (which my wallet would beg to differ), they have been releasing so many exciting things for the fans recently – BTS Memories of 2019, The Notes 2, TinyTan merchandise, and the new Army Membership packages. There’s also the In The Soop which is a paid content on Weverse. I’m not saying that I got all of them but I manage to purchase some.

As I have expressed my love for bullet journaling, I’ve been trying to be more creative and active when it comes to making my monthly and weekly spreads. I did a little sticker haul last month which I will use for my upcoming spreads. I constantly look for bullet journal inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Last week, as I was browsing through the Lazada app, I saw a familiar mini printer which I have seen in one of the videos I watched on YouTube. It was the Phomemo M02S Mini Bluetooth Pocket Printer. It is the cutest, handy printer I’ve ever laid eyes on. Very easy and convenient to use. You just need to download the app and you can select from a variety of templates for your stickers, study notes, to-do lists, etc. I had second thoughts at first but after a few days of contemplating, I decided to give it a go. It’s a perfect bullet journal buddy!

Phomemo M02S Mini Bluetooth Pocket Printer from Phomemo, Lazada
2020 Planner from Typo; BT21 Stickers from Play Line Friends Store


I’ve always made excuses whenever I cannot finish reading a whole book. I have so many books that were partially read. This time to take realistic goals, I’m taking at least 30 minutes every day to read a book, learn new Korean words, and more. Lately, I like to read Cyarin’s Expedition Sketchbook. She inspires me to draw and fuel my passion for drawing to become a digital artist. I know I still have so much to learn but I know I’ll get there.

Expedition Sketchbook by Cyarin from Fullybooked

That’s it for this week’s babble. How was your week? Anything interesting that happened? Share them with me in the comments. Thank you for joining me this weekend. See you again next week.


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