My Lazada Mini Haul

Last July 15, Lazada had a 7.15 Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale which I think lasted for a few days (I’m not sure). So many great things were in-stored for shoppers which would really entice you to shop. Also, they have missions which you can fulfill to earn coins, you can plant a strawberries which you can harvest for coins, games you can play for coins, and rewards you can earn. The coins you earned can be exchanged for items.

I think it was my sister who introduced me to the Lazada app. She checks it regularly and may have shopped countless times. To be honest, I’ve only used Lazada once; and it was only to buy a ring light. I won’t say that I’m already an expert with its features and offers because I don’t shop often.

For those who doesn’t know (which I doubt), Lazada is one of the largest e-commerce companies operating in different countries (you can check if its availability in your country). You can shop for whatever product (you’re looking for) – connecting you to thousands of merchants with ease and giving you that effortless online shopping experience. When I say whatever product, I mean really – whatever product. Sometimes, just browsing through could lead you to buying something you never thought you needed. The Lazada app is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play. You can also check it here.

Prior to the sale, I have browsed through the app to check out products that interest me. I already added a lot of unofficial or fan made BT21 and BTS stickers including some Kawaii and cute stickers in my cart. Recently, I’ve been adding stickers on my bullet journal spreads. I’ve been thinking of starting a new BTS and BT21 journal too. I’ll be using the stickers for my journal. To my frustration, it’s really difficult to find the stickers that I want. Luckily, a lot of merchants from Lazada offer a wide variety of stickers that would be perfect for the journal that I’ll be doing. Here are some of the cute stickers that I got from the sale.


5 sheets of assorted BTS photo stickers

BTS Cartoon Self-Adhesive Sticker Set (100pcs) – MYcsndice

100 pcs/set K-Pop cartoon stickers

BT21 Sticker Set (40pcs) – SOCKS.COM

40 pcs/set BT21 stickers (for luggage, phone, scrapbook, etc.)

Winzige Assorted Sticker Set (50pcs) – WINZIGE STATIONERY

40 pcs/set assorted stickers for DIY, scrapbook, bullet journal, etc.

Kawaii Scrapbook Sticker Set (45pcs) – maxgoods

45 pcs/set stationery stickers

Cartoon Waterproof Sticker Set (50pcs) – Urban Sock Masters

50 pcs/set waterproof stickers

Aside from the stickers, I also got some BT21 pajama and slippers (unofficial).

BT21 RJ Pajama Set – 2015 great future click here to check the pajama —> RJ Pajama

BT21 Plush Indoor Slippers (Tata) – 2015 great future click here to check the slippers —> Tata Slippers

BT21 Plush Indoor Slippers (Shooky) – 2015 great future click here to check the slippers —> Shooky Slippers

Did you shop at Lazada during the sale? What did you get? Have you tried shopping at Lazada? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Thank you for dropping by today. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Until next time!

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