Weekend Babble

And just like that, another week had gone-by. It’s like I slept Monday night and woke up on a Sunday morning. Where did all that time go? Anyway, our family is currently enjoying a little Pizza Sunday. It’s been a while since I had pizza and so I decided to cave in to my tummy’s desires. Food delivery service has been my new best friend during this whole quarantine.


Since our Covid-19 cases are still increasing, the government decided to place us once again under community quarantine. The announcement threw my entire week schedule out of whack. Not that I’m complaining though. I just had to squeeze in all my errands in one day because we’ll be under quarantine for the next two weeks. The biggest pain in the neck that I had to endure was to wait for hours falling in line going inside the bank and the grocery store. It’s totally understandable that many people hurried to grocery stores to buy their essentials since it’s uncertain if the quarantine will be lifted after two weeks. I do hope that conditions improve because it might get extended again if things still don’t get better.


Last Wednesday, I posted the rest of my bullet journal spreads here on the blog. I did post a little preview on Instagram but I was a little behind posting the rest of the spreads due to other priorities. Thankfully, I managed to finish the rest including my weekly spread. Yay! I did a repeat theme for this month since I’m really enjoying the BT21 theme recently. I took inspiration from Pinterest and felt happy and satisfied with the outcome of my August Bullet Journal. You can check out the spreads here.


Since I’ve been using my markers and pens more frequently (now that I’m being consistent with my bullet journaling), some of them are running out of ink. I did a little pen and marker shopping online which I found very convenient since everything I needed was available in just one store. Before, I used to visit multiple shops because not everything are available in one place. Like, if I want a Muji pen, I have to go to Muji and pick up the rest of the pens I needed from a separate stores.

I’m glad, I was able to order my favorite Muji pens, calligraphy pens, and some Zebra Mildliners from Shopee.

Zebra Mildliner (Double Sided) Colors: Smoke Blue, Mild Red, Blue Green, Yellow, Vermillion, Mild Gray, Cyan Blue, Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens: All black in 1.0, 05, 005

STA 10 Colors Metallic Marker Pen (Hard Tip): White, Gold

Muji Gel Pens: All black in 0.38mm, 0.5mm

Baoke Chinese Japanese Calligraphy Brush Pens: All Black in fine tip, medium tip


I think I’ve had this blog for more than two years now and not once have I ever made any design or theme changes in here. I guess I’m pretty content with the theme I chose (from the very beginning). Ok, that’s an excuse. I’m pretty lazy and there’s still a bunch of things about WordPress that I need to explore. I have no experience in designing a website so I just try my best to keep things simple and easy to navigate.

Lately, I’ve been getting bits and pieces of inspiration everywhere. Since having my YouTube channel, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching videos of different sorts. How-to videos are actually my favorite. I’ve been reading a few blogs as well and that inspired me to do better with blogging. I started with a little make over in my home page. Nothing really drastic but I designed a simple header and changed the home page photo to make it look cohesive. I also included a link to my BTS fan account in case I have readers who are also into BTS and want to be friends. I don’t want to miss that chance to gain more friends.

New header
Click to redirect to my BTS fan account

I still need to do my research and perhaps contemplate on niche. If you’ve seen my previous posts, my topics are a mess. I’ve been talking about a lot of random things. Lately, I’ve been thinking of concentrating on just a few topics. I’m trying to narrow it down to at least three to four main topics instead of just writing about anything random. I’m also thinking of a regular posting schedule – just for consistency. I think the only thing that hinders me is the thought that I may ran out of things to discuss if I just focus on a few topics. Anyway, we’ll see about that. The important thing right now is that I try. Right??


I think it was a few blogs ago that I talked about my PCOS and how it extremely affected my skin. I’ve been having non-stop breakouts since 2017 and I’m not gonna lie, it has done major damage in my self esteem. My insecurity level has been at an all time high since. I’ve been to countless dermatologists and clinics for facials and treatments just to take care of my skin.

Ever since the pandemic hit and our government had placed us in a three month long quarantine, I wasn’t able to visit my dermatologist. For the first month, I panicked because I usually go twice a month and my skin was starting to react again. I badly needed my facial treatment. There was no way for me to buy my skin care products because stores were closed too.
Fast forward to today, I’ve managed to keep my skin from breaking out too much by doing a simple skin care. It was hard at first and I had to try different remedies just to keep my skin from reacting. I’ve bought a variety of cleansers and toners but nothing worked. Lately, I’ve been using a few products from Innisfree and so far, they are working for me. I also made an essential oil serum as spot treatment for my unwanted facial visitors. I got the essential oil blend recipe from Pinterest. Check out the recipe below.

How’s your weekend so far? I hope you guys are doing well. Share them with me in the comments below. I’d love to know more about you guys too. I have more photos to show but for some reason, I’m having difficulty uploading them at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload them and I will update this post as soon as possible.

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