August Bullet Journal

I know a few days have passed and I should have posted my August spreads days ago BUT I do believe in the saying that it’s better late than never (in some cases including this one) so here I am posting it anyway.

I think it was a couple weeks ago when I went to Instagram – Just Buhnnie to ask my friends if I should do another BT21 theme for the month of August since I already made a BT21 theme for July. Surprisingly, I got a 100% yes to the BT21 theme. Who am I to not say no? I love BT21 and so do a lot of people.

For this month’s spreads, I did not deviate from my colorful pastel BT21 theme from last month but I managed to tweak the layout a bit to give it a different feel. Overall, I’m happy with how the spreads turned out.

I hope I can share some inspiration to fellow Bullet Journal enthusiasts and to those who are seeking for ideas on what to do with their monthly theme.

I searched for interesting and inspiring quotes from Pinterest. For the drawing, I also went to Pinterest for inspiration. I do love the sleeping BT21 Baby.
To be honest, I drew these babies around 2:00AM thus with the sleeping BT21. The sleeping babies is so comforting to look at.
The first thing that I wrote in my calendar –> BTS comeback this August 21st. 🙂
Calendar with peacefully sleeping BT21 Babies

The special features of my bullet journal are the Credit Card Tracker and Credit Card Charges Log since I currently have several credit cards that needs monitoring. I find this kind of monitoring effective because I used to be reckless with my spending which led me to a HUGE credit card debt before. I used to just swipe that card carelessly since I’m not really paying for purchases with actual money. I would only see the total amount I spent the following month after my bill arrives. I would often wonder if I really did spend all that money the month before. I wasn’t looking at the big picture because I was only focused on what I was spending that day. All those small purchases piled up which made me incur a lot of debt.

This new system I follow made me more mindful of my spending since I can track the total amount that I need to pay even before my bill arrives. This way, I can easily see if I’m already spending beyond my budget or if I still have some amount left on my budget. It also helped me to eventually pay-off all my card debts.


Every month, I list down my due dates and amount due for each card so I can pay them on time, avoid late payment fees, and track which card dues are not yet paid. I also list down my installment purchases to track how many months I have left to pay for a certain item or how much money I still owe the bank. It helps me set a budget for the next month.


It helps me monitor all the recurring charges I have for the month like my Spotify Premium, Netflix subscription, insurance premiums, etc. I would include the total amount to my credit card budget for the month.

To monitor my credit card spending per month, I included a portion for new credit card charges to avoid over use of my credit card and to log the usual charges I make – to assess if the purchases are necessary or not.

Another effective tool (for me) in monitoring daily expenses.
Habit Tracker is also a favorite so I would know which habit is not really doing well – in my case, diet and exercise are often neglected.


I also placed a few boxes below my habit tracker. The first box is for listing down important things that needs my attention for the month. Next is my Things To Buy which I reserve only for my essentials. Third is Business Nuggets – I would write a few business nuggets or inspiration that I picked up from reading business or self-help books. Any bits that could help me with my business, I would write in this section. I would also write down some must read business books that I want to read for the month. The Gratitude box is for listing down the things I’m grateful for. It boosts my mood whenever I feel like hitting the slumps.

The Notes section is usually where I put important things or the constant things I need to do every month like the reports I need to prepare for my book keeper, the reports I need to submit to my partner for our monthly evaluation, etc. Usually, I just write down the reports I need to prepare every month. Haha!

Since August started on a Saturday, I just squeezed in the two days at the bottom of notes instead of allotting an entire page for just two days.

Lastly, here’s what my weekly spread looks like. I know its a little bit over colored but I love it. As you can see, I drew a lot of stars in every page of my spreads. The not-so-hidden meaning behind it is that the supporters of BT21 are called Unistars. We are the stars in the BT21 universe so I drew a ton of them to symbolize the many avid fans of BT21.

I hope you find this post enjoyable (at least). I would love to know about your current bullet journal set-up and what is your inspiration for this month. Share them with me on the comments.

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