Weekend Babble

Monday – The sun was beaming high signaling that it was time to wake up. My eyes were sparkling with anticipation knowing that it was gonna be a busy week. I’ll never let productivity slip from my hands whenever I have the chance; not even a speck of protest considering that it was way too early from my usual wake up time. Being stuck at home for the longest time made me hanker for the outside world even to just do simple errands.


Prior to the whole pandemic and lockdown, I would schedule 3-4 days (in a week) outside my home office just to do errands and client visits. After (more than) three straight months on non-activity, my days are slowly starting to pick-up. With the number of people affected by Covid-19 still increasing, I had second thoughts whether to go out or not but I figured, I shouldn’t let fear get the best of me. After all, we still need to live our lives and work to survive. I scheduled a lot of activities per day to keep me from going out frequently. A quick trip to the bank, client call, grocery shopping, and buying of other necessities are my normal routine.


Recently, I’ve been doing research on how I can improve my blog. I’m on a constant lookout for fun and interesting blogs from known bloggers and even newbies. Reading blogs inspire me to do better. I admit, I have neglected my blog for months. I have not posted a content for a while because I felt demotivated that nobody ever reads them really. Admittedly, running a blog is not easy but I still want to do it because I like to write.

In my unceasing efforts to be productive and creative, I have recently tried my hands on video making and editing. If you have read my previous blogs, I talked about being a baby ARMY (아미) – BTS’ official fandom name. I created an alter ego by the name of Just Buhnnie – a fan account which solely focuses on BTS and BT21. I started with a Twitter account (here) to know more about the group. I rely on Twitter to get my dose of updates about the group and I try to make friends by interacting with fellow fans. Later on I created social accounts on Instagram and Pinterest to share my growing album and merchandise collection.

With the continuous expansion of my BTS and BT21 collection, I decided to document and share them to collectors and fans alike via YouTube. I recently made a video about my after quarantine trip to the Play Line Friends store which you can view (here). Being a newbie in video editing and the world of YouTube, it was a struggle learning the ropes as I went back and forth from watching a variety of tutorials to making my own videos. I thought my head was about to explode learning how to do rough cuts, adding music, adding overlays, etc. My videos were still far from perfect but passable (I guess). To be honest, after countless hours of editing, I’m starting to get the hang of it. So far, I have uploaded three videos already since I started. I try my best to post at least one video every Saturday afternoon.

As I was writing this, I already uploaded my third video which you can check here.

Please do check out my channel


I usually start my morning with a little prayer and meditation. With a refreshed mind, I would spend a few minutes everyday to reflect on things I’m thankful for and also offering a little prayer for my loved ones. Making use of my bullet journal even when I have nothing planned for the day, I would write down things I’m grateful for or some of my favorite quotes. I don’t like seeing blank pages because that would make me feel unproductive.


Finally! After a few months of waiting, my online orders finally arrived. My sister ordered our favorite Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream set and my Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Lip Liner Set (sample size) in Pillow Talk online a few months back. Due to the pandemic, shipping has been delayed (which is totally understandable) so it took a while to get here in the country.

The Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is quite expensive that’s why my sister and I would buy a few tubs whenever they go on sale. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating BUT they smell insanely AWESOME! If you’re like me who love scents that tend to be on the sweet side, then you’ll love this creme. I would slather on a small amount (to make sure that the entire tub would last me a few months) at night before going to bed and I could still smell it in the morning…sometimes even after washing my hands.

I ordered a LOT of stickers during the Lazada 7.15 Mid-Year Sale – which I will discuss in full on the next blog. Being a sticker nut, I will use those stickers for my bullet journal because for last month’s spreads, I ran out of stickers and had the hardest time looking for good ones from stationery stores. Seven months to bullet journaling and I’m somehow accustomed to using stickers for the spreads. Nothing beats that exhilarating feeling every time I start my spreads every month and making sure that every page is pleasing to the eyes has always been my primary goal.

Also, some of the BTS albums I ordered came in this week so I did film a couple unboxing videos which I will post in my YouTube channel in the following weeks.


I posted a couple photos of my August bullet journal cover in my Just Buhnnie account on Instagram. I’m currently more active in that account so I post happenings there more often. I asked my friends via Instagram stories if I should do another BT21 theme (since I already made a BT21 theme for July) and 100% of the response I got was yes. Since I’m loving BT21, I decided to go for it. I took inspiration from Pinterest and so far, I love how my calendar and cover page turned out.

I will be posting an update about the rest of my bullet journal spreads on a separate blog so I hope you can also check that out.

How was your weekend? Share them with me on the comments. Thank you for dropping by to read my blog.

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