June 2020 Highlights

It has been a while since my last blog. How’s everyone doing? I hope that everyone is well. After more than two months in quarantine, some businesses are slowly resuming operations and in some areas, people are already permitted to go out. To be honest, I still don’t want to leave the house because the number of people affected by Covid-19 is still increasing; I just leave the house when it is absolutely necessary.

As we approach the second half of the year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the things that had transpired these past months. Even though the first half of the year went really bad (for me personally), I’m still hoping and praying for a better second half. So far, June still has its ups and downs but it felt a bit lighter compared to the previous months. Here, I’m rounding up some of my highlights for June.


During the first week of the month, I had a horrible toothache which pestered me for four straight days. The pain made me rely heavily on pain killers which gave temporary relief. I realized that one of the worst things that could happen to you during a pandemic is to have a toothache – when majority of dental clinics (if not all) are temporarily closed and appointments are almost impossible to secure. The dental clinic that I always go to was not open at that time so I had to inquire with other dental clinics. Sadly, all attempts were unsuccessful. After two more days of search, I finally found a new dentist who was more than happy to accommodate me right away.

Geared up with a face mask and a full bottle of alcohol spray, I went to my dentist appointment. As I went inside the clinic, safety measures were implemented. They require the patients to wipe their shoes on the disinfectant mat, spray alcohol, to wear a disposable cap and robe, and to place all belongings in a basket. As an extra measure, they have placed air purifiers inside the clinic.

Going through all that process felt new to me; and even though I was relieved with the safety measures in place, I still can’t help but ask if this will be the new way we do things from now on? My anxiety level for the past two months were at an all time high so I cannot help but feel a little worried and kinda paranoid.

As I sat on the chair, the dentist inspected my teeth, explained a few things, and requested to do a quick x-ray. Turned out, two of my molars had to be removed (the other one through surgery). Admittedly, I’m scared of dentists (I’m an adult, I know…) and I was very open about it to my dentist. Surprisingly, she did her magic with the lightest hands and the procedure was quick and I was done in less than an hour.


[Back Story] As mentioned in my previous post, I stumbled upon the South Korean group BTS during the quarantine period. After watching endless videos on YouTube, I get to know the members and ended up liking them a lot. They became my source of happiness (because they are contagiously funny and lovable) whenever I feel like hitting the slumps. A month ago, I ordered some BT21 merchandise (a collaborative project between Line Friends and BTS) and a Korean work book – Korean For All by Soo Kim (since I’ve been trying to study Hangul since the first month of quarantine). Understandably, I anticipated the delays in shipment due to Covid-19; and finally, after month, my much awaited package arrived! The excitement I felt while opening the package was comparable to the time when I bought my brand new car. If there was a word much better than excitement, I’d probably use it. Right after receiving my package, I ordered a few BTS albums from the same store.

BT21 – RJ Baby Sleeping Cushion


It has been a very long while since I attended a live concert. My friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Katy Perry concert a few years back and since I love Katy, I instantly agreed to go. During this time of pandemic, attending (or even organizing) an actual concert seems impossible specially now that people are advised to stay at home or adhere to social distancing in case it is inevitable to leave home. To my delight, BTS organized an online concert for the fans which was held a day after the group’s anniversary. Bang Bang Con The Live was a multi-view concert experience right in the comfort of each army’s (fans) homes.

Once they opened up the ticket sales for Bang Bang Con The Live, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to watch it. It was my first time to watch a BTS concert so I didn’t know what to expect. It may still be behind a computer screen but the whole production, the stage, and everything else were just perfect. On my part, I even had our internet connection upgraded just for me to have a better viewing experience. Overall, I had fun and it was worth every cent paid.

After watching the online concert, I took a mental note to watch their actual concert one day. I still have plenty of time to save up so that I can get the best seat (or spot – because from what I saw in videos, people were standing up during the concert). I cannot wait for that time to come. For now, all I can do is wait and maybe hope that they make another online concert soon.

Bang Bang Con The Live Ticket


Whenever there’s an occasion, the whole family would celebrate at the mall usually for lunch or dinner. Every Father’s Day, my dad would be in charge of choosing the restaurant and we would order food to our heart’s content. This year, since restrictions are in place in terms of social gatherings and dining in at restaurants, we decided to have a quiet celebration at home with the members of the family.

After almost three months of not seeing my sister and her husband due to quarantine, they finally visited us to honor Father’s Day. We had some pizza, fries, burger, and salad delivered at home. My mom also cooked some pork. The rest of the day was spent watching YouTube videos and of course Netflix. It was a relaxing and chill Sunday.


Sometimes, it’s better to expect less than to expect much. My second package arrived just three weeks after I placed my order. All along I thought it would arrive after a month just like my previous order. As soon as I got that first message from the courier service, it was getting harder and harder to contain my excitement every time I get a notification update.

I used to spend a lot shopping for clothes, bags, and gadgets. Nowadays, my interest took a 360º turn. Lately, I’ve been fixated on which BTS albums or photo packages to get first. At my age, I never thought I’d get sucked inside a rabbit hole and fall hard for BTS. I never would have known them better if it wasn’t for quarantine (I’m not saying I’m thankful for the pandemic because I’m obviously not). If there’s anything I’m thankful about them is that they pulled me out of my misery whenever anxiety hits me. The uncertainties caused by the pandemic has been a constant cause of my stress and anxiety; and I’m still grappling with this problem from time to time so I try my best to work on a way to make myself feel better.

I bought a couple of albums and my sister also gifted me with an album so I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve created an instagram exclusive for my collection. If you’re a BTS fan like me, you can check my posts here.

(Left) RJ Baby Sitting Doll 12cm (Right) RJ Bag Charm 11cm

What are the highlights of your month? Anything that made your month memorable. I want to know about them too. Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Until next time!

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