Simple Joys

In my opinion, being confined in the comforts of home (for a long time) can be both relaxing and boring. In my case, I don’t have any work to do since my clients also stopped operations due to the community quarantine. I manage to do a few updates from time to time but in a way I’m not dealing with operational problems thus I can relax. However, I’m not overly fond of doing nothing because it somehow heightens my anxiety level. I can’t even tell what day it is without looking at my calendar or bullet journal. Getting used to this new normal is a bit alarming because man, I’m getting lazy.

As much as I would like to steer away from news about current events to save myself from devastation, I still care about what is happening around the world. Often, I would browse the web for Covid-19 updates with hopes of seeing some good news. I’m hoping that we can all go outside again and enjoy the sun without fear of getting the virus; that we can all experience traveling to beautiful places or go to the beach. One could dream…

If there’s something positive that I would like to share during this time of uncertainty it’s that I’ve learned to love the simple things I used to NOT do, take for granted or probably ignored before. Those simple things kept me sane now and lifted my mood whenever I feel low. Being in self-isolation for two months gave me the opportunity to be creative because it’s no joke how boredom have swallowed me whole.

Honing my creative skills

I have always been creative; I like to draw and do artsy stuff growing up. I used to join inter-class and inter-school drawing competitions during my primary days, and I would always excel in my art projects at school. Fast forward to my adult years, I have forgotten about my passion for arts. With the demands of work and adulthood, I have safely tucked my creative passion in a chest and locked it away. During the lockdown, I was able to make use of my passion for arts and creative skills by doing my bullet journal spreads. I would also draw my activities for the day instead of plainly writing them down. I’m now loving the bright and colorful theme going on in my bullet journal. I would also make greeting cards for family and friends. It makes me happy whenever they show appreciation for my personalized cards.

Playing with pets

We currently have six dogs at home (two of which are still considered puppies). They could be a handful, yes. They are all clingy and selfish for attention but I don’t mind; I don’t mind at all. I love dogs even as a little girl and I consider them my children. Imagine my big smile every time the dogs play tag inside the house. Playing with my dogs and sharing my food with them gives me genuine happiness.

Watching TV

I’m not really into watching TV because I’m usually out for work or errands. I always get back home late and already tired to watch anything. I only get to watch on weekends but I’m mostly glued on my phone to even care about other things. Nowadays, TV is life. My mom and I would binge watch on Korean dramas until the wee hours everyday. I would sometimes swap my usual Netflix shows for some YouTube videos just to give variation to my entertainment.

Learning new things and reading

Part of my new routine is learning a few Korean words and phrases everyday. Watching too many Korean dramas sparked my interest to learn Hangul; and watching videos and searching on google becomes an enjoyable daily habit. I also bought a book online that I’m still waiting to be delivered. I’m too excited!

I also spend a couple of hours a day for reading. I love to read self-help books and interesting blogs online. I find it satisfying and inspiring whenever I read good contents online. Spending days at home gave me the opportunity to catch up on some reading specially those books left unfinished.

Online shopping

I love to shop. I’m a self-confessed mall rat who can spend an entire day inside the mall just casually strolling. To be honest, I miss it; but with our present situation, I can only shop online. I seldom have food delivery before but here I’am appreciating it more than ever. Thank goodness for online food delivery apps, I’m having my favorites delivered at home without having to worry about going outside.

What are the things you consider your simple joys? Share the things you enjoy or the new hobby you just started. I would love to read them too. Please leave me a comment below.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the brands, products, or labels mentioned. The whole content is based on the thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the writer.

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