Life During Quarantine

We are fast approaching to the second month of the Enhanced Community Quarantine; our government had to extend it a few times as the number of affected people escalates. As I brace myself to what I think is the new normal, I find myself trapped in a bubble of anxiety. Perplexed with thoughts of uncertainty, I try my best to make the days bearable by appreciating the simple things and keeping myself occupied. My weeks of self-isolation is not doing me any good in a way because I’m running out of things to do (work wise) and I’m already getting used to this static life . I find myself steering away from the schedule I made a few weeks back as I get accustomed to my new lifestyle. I often stare blankly at my very clean planner as I’m not in the right headspace to write anything in it anymore.

As much as I enjoy my constant strolls around the house and my special relationship with my favorite chair, my enthusiasm eventually starts to fade. I miss the outside world so much that I would reminisce on the days when I would neglect my free time because I was too lazy to go out. As I try my best to live in the current situation, I attempt to try new things that would keep me occupied and entertained.

Watching K-Drama on Netflix. In my one year of subscription, I haven’t seen any Korean drama or movie because I would only watch shows that are familiar to me. Eventually, boredom struck and I craved for something new. It all started when I thought of my friends recommending for me to watch Kingdom. It was a zombie-filled show that left me at the edge of my seat. I instantly loved it after just one episode. I finished the whole 2 seasons in just one day (talk about not doing anything AT ALL). Craving for more Korean TV shows, I would only scroll on the Asian TV Dramas section on Netflix. I remember having a whirlwind of emotions watching Crash Landing On You.

Listening to K-Pop songs on Spotify and YouTube. As I enjoy watching Korean dramas, my curiosity made me check out some catchy k-pop songs on Spotify. I stumbled on some cool songs, Make It Right (a collaboration between BTS and Lauv) and Waste It On Me (from Steve Aoki featuring BTS). Next thing I know I’ve been taking a lot of interest in K-Pop particularly the group BTS. Yeah, I’m a little behind in knowing the group but after listening to their music, seeing their music videos, learning their awesome collaborations with different artists, and some interesting day-to-day videos, I can now say that I’m officially a fan. I’ve been listening to TXT and Black Pink too.

Workout at home. Being stuck at home all day, everyday for the past how many weeks, makes me feel bloated at times. As much as my lazy bum hates it, I obligate myself to workout at least three times a week; when I’m in the mood, I workout four times a week. With the power of the internet, I’ve been following some workout routines on Youtube using my yoga mat and dumbbells. I would focus on different body parts each day to give my workout variation.

Learning a new language. I think you already know where I’m going with this. Since I’ve been watching a lot of Korean TV shows and have been listening to a lot of k-pop songs, I kinda took it to the next level by learning the language. Since a huge chunk of my time is spent on YouTube, I might as well put that time to good use. What better way to spend self-isolation than learn something new. I’ve been learning Hangul online and so far I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m still in awe that I can read a few words already (even if I don’t know what they mean). How do I practice? I took out some of the Korean skin care products that I have and I would translate words written in Hangul. Once I translate them to roman letters, I would look for their meaning.

Practice writing using my right hand. I’m born a lefty and I always love being left handed. When I was in high school (way, way back), I used to practice writing using my right hand and I would switch hands once the other one gets tired from writing (our never ending class lectures). Lately, I’ve been writing a lot; from doing my bullet journal, to taking down notes whenever I read business and self-help books, and while I practice Hangul. I just figured it would be the perfect opportunity for me to practice writing using my right hand again.

Appreciating the little and simple things in life. Whenever I start to overthink or when I’m having an anxiety take over, I would close my eyes and meditate. Thinking of the simple things and expressing my gratitude even for the most mundane things helps me calm down. My perfect relaxing moment: slathering on my favorite body cream, making a diffuser blend of my favorite essential oils, and listening to my favorite songs on Spotify.

What have you guys been doing during the lockdown? I do hope that everyone is safe.

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