A Week of Community Quarantine

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread rapidly across the globe, the government and private organizations in each country tirelessly think of measures necessary to study, cure, contain, and prevent further escalation of the disease.  The active cases of the virus is really alarming as it increases more daily; and the number of deaths are frightening as it reaches thousands worldwide. We laud our brave front liners who risk their lives for the sake of the community but it’s saddening to hear that even some of our brave doctors and nurses who attend to those who are infected are also suffering from the virus.

With the alarming spread of the virus in our country, we are placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine for a month to restrict the movement of the people and help lessen the spread of the virus. Temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses were mandated to prevent people from going out; exemptions are given to hospitals, supermarkets, and other shops which provide basic needs. Everyone is advised to stay at home and to do social distancing if going out is unavoidable.

It has been a week since the declaration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine and I’ve been keeping myself occupied to rid my mind of negative thoughts caused by the growing pandemic. I’m a big homebody so staying at home is not a problem with me. In fact, I enjoyed the first couple of days watching shows on Netflix and doing some admin work. I also bought The Sims 4 and a few expansion packs considering I’ve been wanting to play the game since last year but I was postponing it as I couldn’t make up my mind whether to get a PS4 to play it or just download it on MacBook.  

On the third day, I started to feel bored from being unproductive and perhaps a little guilty from not doing any job. As I dithered for a while about my daily plans to be productive, I thought of creating a schedule that I will strictly devote to. I have been planning to redo my company profile anyway so I took this time as an opportunity to do so.

During the succeeding days, I went on to follow the schedule I made which consisted of at least four to five hours work time and the rest for whatever it is that I want to do. As much as I want to not expose myself to a lot of bad news,  I would still check on my cellphone from time to time to update myself with what’s happening on the outside world.

I know it’s going to be a while before we can actually go out again but I would like to share a few things that I do to keep boredom at bay.

Waiting for The Sims 4 to download
Worked on my April bullet journal spreads
A personalized birthday card
A little bit of HP marathon
My puppies – Miggy and Bear

Facebook has been my place of entertainment during this time of self-isolation. After all, a little dose of comedy uplifts and lightens my mood during these hard times. I’ve been checking out funny memes, creative photos, and TikTok posts of people entertaining themselves at home. I also share inspirational and happy quotes for those who need a little uplifting.

  • Explore the world of Netflix – admittedly, I’m not a fan of movies and shows wherein I don’t know the actors playing the part but I’m running out of movies and shows to watch so I’m exploring more shows now. Thankfully, I did because there are so many great shows to be seen. I also use my Apple TV to binge watch on Harry Potter.
  • Back to reading – I made a promise to myself that I would be reading more than 10 books this year (I want to be realistic with my target). To be honest, I’m a little behind so I’m taking this time as an opportunity to read and do a little self-study.
  • In search of contents and TikTok videos – although I still couldn’t muster up the courage to make a TikTok video myself, I do enjoy watching some of my friends do it.; some of the videos are pretty hilarious and worth watching. Aside from videos, I also look at insightful contents and blogs tackling important and pressing issues.
  • Social media put to good use – during these times of uncertainty, it’s crucial not only to look after ourselves but also look at the welfare of others. Many private organizations are posting and seeking for donations to help those who are greatly affected by COVID-19 including the front liners who are risking their lives for the sake of others. For my part, I allotted a small budget (an amount I can afford to shell out) that I would give out to a few foundations/organizations who are helping out. I’ve been checking out different social media platforms to look for ways I can extend my help.
  • Bullet Journaling – it only took me a few hours to create the cover page of my April bullet journal. I got really creative with the theme I had in mind. I posted the finish artwork on my Instagram. I also did a few artworks for some birthday cards.
  • Playing my all time favorite, The Sims – last week, I downloaded The Sims 4 in my computer (about time). I used to play The Sims 3 just because I love to build houses. Now with The Sims 4, I’m testing out my creative juices once more as I build new homes with more advanced build tools.
  • Puppy love – we have six dogs at home and they could be a handful at times but the happiness they give me is just priceless. I love to play with them it’s like having lots of kids at home running around and playing tag.

With the Community Quarantine in place for a month, I want to remain positive that everything will be alright. I constantly pray for everyone’s safety and that we will all be out of the woods soon. In the meantime, I will do my part to be a responsible person and just stay at home. Please keep safe everyone and hope you all practice social distancing if staying at home is not an option.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the brands or products mentioned. The whole content is based on the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of the author.

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