Happy Journal: 003

Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoying a sweet and quiet Sunday after a long week. After all the hustle and bustle, I deserve a nice quiet Sunday to catch up on some reading and to rewatch a few episodes of The Haunting of Hill House. I think it was just two weeks ago that I finished the whole season in just one day; I missed it so I had to watch it again.


I started to do my Monday morning planning again. I stopped for a while but after I started my bullet journal journey, I became more enthused in doing it. My new mantra is to be more organized and consistent effective this year; I’m claiming it! It comes in handy to plot my schedule every Monday since I most likely know what I’m going to do for the week (and I tend to forget things when I don’t write them down). It’s a LOT easier to just look at my planner than to figure out the things that I need to do everyday. When I have unexpected meetings or things to do in the middle of the week, I just squeeze them in or re-arrange my schedule to make sure I don’t miss anything. Another advantage is that I can organize my planner based on top priority to the least priority.

January is always a busy month for me. This week in particular has been full on and I’m beyond thankful that I wrote everything down because I can’t afford to forget even a single item on my agenda. From renewing my business permit to working on my monthly taxes, payment of employee benefits to paying my card bills, my planner was jam packed!


We had a double celebration this year – Chinese New Year and my brother-in-law’s birthday. It was a simple celebration as we opted to just dine out. We had buffet dinner and ate to our hearts’ content. I was so full from all the steak and sushi. It’s not really a traditional Chinese New Year feast but I still consider it a feast as I drool over a wide variety of dishes from Asian to western food. I actually got stuck at desserts because I couldn’t decide from the assortment of cakes, breads, and ice cream flavors. I sure had a lot of fun.


I snag a new book last Saturday about how to balance your life. To be honest, I’ve read so many articles, watched a dozen videos on how to balance my life but nothing beats a good book which I can re-read every time I need reminding. This book has caught my interest that I finished it in a day; well, it’s not a heavy book so it’s possible to finish in one sitting.

For the moments when I’m going under a lot of stress or when my anxiety hits me, all I need to do is flip a couple of pages to help me reset. The book offers simple tips and activities which I can do everyday to help me balance my personal and professional life. From meditation and food to exercise and doing outdoor activities, I’m given more options on how I can enjoy my life and be more present rather than worry about things that doesn’t matter. To live in the present rather than get stuck in the past and worry so much about the things that has not yet come to past.

Live in the moment.


I was running late for my facial appointment last Saturday. There was moderate traffic and it took me a while to find a parking spot. Once I parked, I immediately changed my footwear and hopped out of the car. I was already walking inside the mall when I decided to take a quick detour to the restroom. As I wait for a vacant cubicle, I looked down and to my horror realized that I was wearing two different footwear! I must have slipped my foot back to my slip-ons without noticing. Embarrassed, I felt my blood rush to my face. It took me a good five minutes before I left the cubicle. Since I couldn’t do anything about it and clearly couldn’t stay hidden in that cubicle forever, I decided to move my butt back to the parking lot. I could sense a few awkward eyes looking at me but I just laughed at myself and ignored the suppressed laughter from strangers. Well, there’s always a first time for everything.

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