Happy Journal: 002

*Late post from last week*

Another week had gone and I’m beyond thrilled as I progress through the week; Slowly ticking the short term goals and a few of my resolutions for the year and it’s only January. There were a few setbacks but I managed to work on them. Yes, the power of meditation and short breaks helped me reset whenever I’m having some bad says.


Finally, after more than a week of waiting, my orders from Zara arrived! It was my first time to order via app so I was a little scared because I didn’t try them on and I got a little worried that they won’t fit; But luckily, I got the right sizes. Every year, I’m experimenting on my outfits and until now I haven’t found my personal style. I’m the exact opposite of being a fashionista and my lack of fashion sense makes me vulnerable when it comes to picking clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the usual jeans and shirts gal but I plan to give my wardrobe a little taste of new styles; So I ordered a few feminine pieces from striped shirt to textured lace tops.


I know I’ve committed to reading 30 books this year and I’m still up to that challenge. As much as I love fantasy and romantic novels, I’ve been leaning more towards self-help books. In a way, it’s like going to college for free…well, not really free but a fraction of the cost. I’m favoring books that focuses on entrepreneurship, finance, start-ups, and investing. At the moment I’m on chapter two of Budgeting 101 by Michele Cagan, CPA. With my chaotic schedule, I can’t seem to allot more time to my reading. It’s no Harry Potter which I could finish in less than a week; But hopefully, I’ll be able to finish within the month because I already feel a little behind schedule.


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. I used to think that having a business is all rainbows and butterflies but no.. it’s not! Being a full time employee for more than ten years has taught me so much about corporate work, being a team player, and working with a boss. I had my fair share of burnout stories, countless overtime works with no extra pay, innumerable days of stress eating, and may I add work-life imbalance. Needless to say, it felt like I hit rock bottom (a lot of times).

When I started my business I was pretty over the moon; Never have I thought of what lies ahead. As I go along I slowly realize that it wasn’t all happy days. It’s also about fixing up problems, putting out fire here and there, managing people, dealing with financial matters (like budgeting for everything), and tough decision making.

If there’s one thing I love about running my own business is that I have more freedom than I used to. There are days when my schedule is more relaxed and there are those days when I feel like my schedule is overlapping with things to do. In all honesty, I’m somehow enjoying my work since I get to spend a lot of days outside and because I get to work anywhere. Sometimes, just going to a client is like hitting two birds. How, you might ask? Some of my clients’ offices are situated at malls so after my meeting, I could go for a quick stroll.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the brands, products, and establishments mentioned. All of the contents are based on the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the author.

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