My First Year to Bullet Journaling

I could still remember about ten years ago when I made a personalized planner using an ordinary notebook for an ex boyfriend. Since I was working from 8-5, it took me a month to finish the whole thing from drawing the layout to coloring. Fortunately, I was able to give it on time.

Although my efforts were highly appreciated, he never used the planner; it was what a complete waste! I didn’t make the same mistake after that. I admit that making one is pretty exciting given my passion for arts and crafty stuff but it was also time consuming; too bad I didn’t have the luxury of time to make one for myself. For so and so years, I’ve been collecting Starbucks stickers every Christmas so that I can exchange them for a new, shiny planner.

Just last year, I started watching YouTube videos of people doing bullet journals. It’s amazing to watch so many creative and talented people work on their monthly spreads and share them to the world. I’ve seen a lot of brilliant works from minimal designs to colorful ones. I subscribed to some of my favorites and also followed them on Instagram to get my dose of inspiration.

Last December, I cave in and decided to start my bullet journal journey for 2020. In all honesty, it’s quite an expensive hobby as markers and brush pens consumed most of my December budget. On the other hand, I consider my purchases as investments since I’ll be using them lots of times. I think it doesn’t have to be expensive if I just bought a couple of pens and markers but knowing myself, I’m the type who splurge on colors since arts is my passion. Initially, I bought a lined notebook at 90gsm but after testing out a page, I realized it was too thin and the markers bled on the other side of the paper. So I went to buy a new dotted notebook at 120gsm (I think) from Limelight; which is a little thicker than the first notebook I got. It’s way better because I can use my heavy markers without worrying about bleeding.

So far I’m loving my bullet journal since it’s more personal unlike the usual planner/journal that I’ve been used to. I created spreads and pages based on my needs which makes it more fun to use and to look at everyday. For the 2020 set-up, I made the following pages:

  • Focus for the year
  • 2020 Calendar
  • Future Logs
  • Things to check-out (movies, books, music, tv shows)
  • Places to visit
  • 2019 Reflections
  • 2020 Goals (Personal, Career, Fitness, Finance)
  • Liabilities Overview (credit card balances, installments) – to track current liabilities
  • Things to try – classes or seminars that I want to attend

For my January spreads, I created a habit tracker, expense tracker, and credit card tracker. I didn’t make the mood tracker anymore but I’ve seen a lot of spreads with a mood tracker.

As for the design, I figured that since January is all about new beginnings and having a fresh start, I want to create a design that would symbolize all that. So for my spreads, I opted to decorate it with leaves and flowers creating a lush garden; With the mix of different greens and a hit of yellow, I love how the design turned out.

As a bullet journal newbie, I know I have so much to learn. In time I’ll be able to figure out the design that really suits my personality. I’m learning a few things as I go along and I get really excited as I explore themes that I’ll be doing for the following months.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is affiliated or sponsored by any of the brands/products/people mentioned. All contents are based on the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of the author.

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