Happy Journal: 001

Happy Sunday! Time flies really fast as we hop towards the middle of the month. This week is the official start of my year. I didn’t start my resolutions right away since we started the new year during the middle of the week; I considered the remaining days of the first week as my extra days of diet free fun and relaxation.

Honestly, I still have a hangover from all the merriment last December. However, I don’t want to further delay my plans so no more lazy bum for now.


I started my bullet journal journey this month; and I’ve been comfortably using it for more than a week now. So far, I’m loving the whole concept since I can personalize my bullet journal depending on what I need. I just skipped on some parts that I know I won’t use. I’ve been extremely excited to start since December; and with great difficulty, I managed to hold it off until this month. I did my spreads during the last week of December though. I even had some time to spare to work on my February spreads; so I’m covered for two months.

January spreads – January is the time of new beginnings and a fresh start. I figured, leafy greens and flowers could symbolize that. Different shades of green with a touch of yellow and gold to create a garden theme for my January spreads.


Days before the holidays, I took a brief hiatus from the gym to make time for other work related matters. Usually, December is a busy time since we have to manage activities and meetings in two short weeks due to the holidays. After three weeks of gym break, I finally started to go to the gym again. My body wasn’t feeling it so my gym coach and I had to do some reconditioning; it was three straight days of reconditioning. I attended the gym for four days which is something I rarely do. My fourth day was a blast since I did some cardio and abs for two hours.


Part of my resolutions this year is to up my self care game and I’m starting off with my face. I tried out a different skin care clinic – Simply Skin, and so far I’m loving their facial treatments. I love the idea of declogging the pores via vacuum extraction; it’s pain free and no downtime. They also offer a mini back rub after the treatment which is a plus for me. I’m booking facial appointments twice a month since my skin is in need of extra TLC.


Mom made me tag along during her night out with friends. It was a night of booze (non-alcoholic drinks for me) and dancing for the ladies. I nearly stationed myself at the snack bar since they have unlimited servings of chips, fries, cakes, and appetizers (buffet style). I watched from my seat as everyone dance to the tunes of the ‘80s and sing along with the live band. I was kinda on the side lines taking photos and videos of everyone.

Bathroom selfie!


I spent my Saturday with a quick trip to the gym followed by a quick lunch with my friend. Then I met with my sister and her husband for a little catch up and dinner. I honestly savor those moments since we only get to see each other once a week. After all, we both enjoy going to the mall for light strolls.

My constant Sunday routine is going to the church in the morning; the activities for the rest of the day varies. I opted to take my mom out to watch a movie. Since we haven’t seen Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, we decided to go see it. After that, we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, La Crêperie. As usual, I ordered my old favorites: Onion Soup and Bangus. When we got home, I just went to bedroom to do some light reading before going to sleep.


I started reading some books this month. I’m really eager to complete the challenge I set for myself which is to read at least 30 books this year. I’m loving different self help and inspirational books to give me the boost I need to finish my goals for 2020.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is affiliated or sponsored by the products/brands/companies mentioned. All contents are thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the writer.

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