2020: A New Year

2019 has been a roller coaster ride for me. It was a year full of disappointments, anxiety filled moments, tests, frustrations, and sad endings. However, I’ve also been showered with blessings and for that I’m still grateful. At the end of them all, I can say that the greatest lesson I learned is how to survive.

As I turn the page to face another chapter of my life, I contemplated on past events and realized how I’ve wasted so much time doing nothing. I felt stagnant and I don’t want to carry that over to the new year; with all the courage I could muster, I decided to make my resolutions for the year.


For years now, I have trouble with consistency. Admittedly, I’m lazy and I easily get bored with my routine thus, consistency becomes a challenge. As I did my end of the year reflection, I realized that consistency plays the utmost importance in order for me to do the rest of my resolutions.

Self Improvement

Self improvement comes in many forms and I intend to do the extra mile to improve the different aspects of my life. Priority number one – ME. Simultaneous improvement of my physical, mental, spiritual, internal, and emotional being will be prioritized.

I plan to be more consistent with my diet and work out to achieve my goal weight; and I’ll try my best to frequently schedule FMS sessions for my metabolism. I’ll exert more effort to visit my dermatologist and to be more open in trying out more ways to lessen if not completely eradicate my acne situation. As for my health, I’ll make an effort to regularly visit my doctor and dentist for check ups.

This year, I intend to keep a sharp mind by reading more. It’s a brave attempt for me to plan reading at least 30 books this year. Yep, 30! I finished 6 books last year so that figure is very far from what I have set for this year. Aside from reading, I plan to allot 15 minutes in the morning to say my morning prayers and remembering the things I’m grateful for. Afterwards, I would do a morning meditation to clear my head and keep me calm through the day.

New Hobbies

I used to be a fun, adventurous person. For some reason, adult life has taken that away. I’m done being boring; I’m done doing nothing. This year, I’m doing a few fun and creative things to hone my skills and talents.

Bullet Journalling – 2020 is the start of my bullet journal journey. I was too ecstatic that I’m already doing my March spreads. Honestly, it sparked back my passion for drawing and I’m learning hand lettering too. The exciting thing about it is conceptualizing and executing the theme that I’ll be doing for the month.

Blogging – so this is not new since I have this blog for more than a year now. I have to admit I have neglected blogging for months last year posting only a few contents. I aim to increase my posts for the year tackling more topics. I’m getting inspiration from other blogs that I’ve been reading.

Reading – I love to read just as I like to watch movies. Even though technology introduced us to ebooks, I still prefer reading the traditional paperbacks. I love the smell of paper and nothing excites me more than to flip through the pages of a brand new book.

Learning and progress

This year is about self improvement and that includes honing my entrepreneurial skills by attending classes and seminars. Also, it would be awesome to discover skills and perhaps talents that are long hidden under my sleeves. I’m already looking for free classes so if anyone could recommend anything, that would be great.

Travel for business and leisure

I like to travel at least once a year. Honestly, I have a fear of flying. I hate turbulent plane rides (who loves them right?) but it doesn’t stop me from traveling. This year, I want to travel with purpose; not just to travel for fun but to travel and look for learning opportunities or perhaps business opportunities.

Even though I’m thrilled to fulfill all my resolutions for the year, I’m also scared at the same time. Again, consistency plays a huge part in order for me to get through this year; and I’m hoping for the best that I have enough stock of consistency inside me.

What are your resolutions for this year? How are you preparing or even starting your 2020? Share them with me in the comments.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the products, brand/s mentioned. All words are thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the author.

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