December in a Nutshell

I always have a love – hate feeling about December. I love it because it’s my birthday month but also hate it because it means the year is about to end. However, this year is different. There are so many exciting things happening this month that I couldn’t even think about feel sad. As the year comes to a close, I’m detailing the highlights and happy moments that transpired this month.


December 14 – My sister got married. It was the most exciting thing ever! Finally, my parents’ wish came true – that one of us (me or my sister) gets married. I always told myself I wouldn’t cry but seeing my sister walk down the aisle made me tear up like a faucet; I was so happy that I just well up. I was beyond thankful that the camera missed it. It was indeed a night of fun, games, entertainment, and food!

Me with the bride


December 15 – After the wedding reception, we headed back to the hotel to stay another night. I spent the eve of my birthday curled up in the couch as we were all tired from the wedding party. I started the day with a big breakfast buffet. After we checked out from the hotel, we went to the mall nearby for a little stroll then attended the Sunday mass. I then scheduled an hour of Swedish massage with my mom at the hotel spa. We still had some time to kill so we decided to check out the hotel pool and had a quick photoshoot before our dinner reservation. Imagine starting and ending my day at the buffet; I chomp so many calories in one day. After dinner, the restaurant gave me a free slice of cake for my birthday.

Me at Seda Spa
Basking in the thought of turning 35
Taking advantage of the empty pool
With my best friends, cake and ice cream


This year, I decided to advance my birthday gift (to myself). I’ve been contemplating on getting an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a while and after a long debate with myself, I finally cave in. So, no more shopping for a few months. I tested the cameras during my sister’s wedding and I’m pretty satisfied with the photos.

iPhone 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green casing by Laut


December 24-25 – My aunt and cousin stayed at our place for Christmas. They went to our house the day before and I had them tag along with me to do some last minute shopping. My sister and her husband also stayed the night to celebrate with us. On Christmas Eve, we binge watch on Netflix while we stuff our faces with pizza and some food prepared by my mom. Come Christmas morning, the whole family had a hearty breakfast and attended the morning mass. We stayed at home the whole day playing Monopoly and Jenga whilst we watch Harry Potter on Apple TV. My diet has been completely ruined as I fill my tummy with all the holiday food. My sister, her husband, my cousin, and me went out that evening for some milk tea and a little stroll in the mall.

A friendly game of Monopoly and Jenga
My favorite Christmas movie


December 30 – My mom‘s birthday is something we rarely celebrate. For starters, she’s not a fan of gatherings and celebrations; if she could treat her birthday like a normal day, she would. She doesn’t really ask for gifts either. She’s the hardest to gift during special occasions because she doesn’t want anything. So, on her birthday, I decided to give her something intangible and I know she’ll deeply appreciate – cleaning the house! I cleaned while she was out and when she came back, I could feel her happiness. We were planning on watching a movie but ditched the idea. We decided to have dinner instead.


I’m a certified mall rat and shopping has definitely been a workout for me since I’ve missed A LOT of training sessions with my coach due to the holidays. I love to shop for myself and I equally love to shop for other people too. Every year, I’m tasked to buy gifts, prizes, and grocery bags for our employees and clients. It’s a task I willingly do and I find to enjoy the most. I also had the opportunity to shop for groceries to be given to the less fortunate.

Aside from shopping, I also attended a couple of events like our neighbor’s granddaughter’s christening, my aunt’s birthday celebration, and post Christmas dinner with my grandma and our relatives.

As I close my 2019, I couldn’t stop thinking about the magical moments of December. This year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs and I treasure every wonderful thing that has happened; I make it a point to take a mental picture of all the good memories to remind me to be grateful.

Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the products, brand/s mentioned. All words are thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the author.

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