Journal: Maid of Honor Prep

December 4, 2019

A wedding is a special and magical occasion in a person’s life (well, for me at least). I don’t cry at weddings but I could feel my heart melt specially when close friends and relatives deliver their heartfelt messages. I’m just not sure about how I would feel when my sister walks down the aisle. I expect tears from my parents though since they’ve been waiting for so long for at least one of us to get married.

My sister’s big day is just a few days away and as the maid of honor, my sister expects me to look at my best. She even lectures me when I eat too much or when I’m breaking out and I forgot to visit my dermatologist. Anyway, I started preparing and beautifying myself for the occasion.

Being an over thinker, I choose not to take a detour to paranoid city by listing down the things I needed to do before, during, and after the wedding. Of course, I wouldn’t discuss the other wedding preps I’ve been doing; just the beautifying part.

Before The Wedding Self Preparation

  • Making sure my gown fits and taking care of last minute alterations
  • Diet and exercise to make sure I won’t gain additional pounds and ruin my dress
  • Hair care by going to the salon for hair color and treatment
  • Facial treatment (which I did a week before to ensure that redness have subsided and skin has been renewed from the mild peeling)
  • Buying and testing make up products a week or two weeks before to make sure that my skin doesn’t react or breakout (specially when it’s a new product)
  • Making sure I have a back up in case something goes wrong — an extra pair of shoes and clutch bag
  • Booking a one hour spa session to relax

Aside from my beauty prep, I’ve been taking some supplements too for my skin. I’ve been drinking collagen not just for my skin but for my hair and bones too. I know that being a maid of honor, I have a lot of duties during the big day and I want to make sure that I won’t feel sluggish as I fulfill them.

Do you have any maid of honor or bridesmaid stories you want to share? How you prepare for the big day? Share them with me. I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the products, brand/s mentioned. All words are thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the author.

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