Journal: Hello Weekend

September 15, 2019

It has been a busy week. Most of my days were spent outside juggling work and errands. The days spent in the office were reserved for paperwork. I’m not complaining though because as an entrepreneur, it’s my job to keep my business running; and running a business entails a lot of work.

Finally, Friday! I started my day a little late than usual. I had to stay in the office for some emails and paper work (not my usual Friday set up). My typical Friday schedule comprises of site visits, billing updates with my client, and occasional errands. I’ve been glued to my laptop the whole day. Admittedly, I got pretty bored but I was able to recondition myself by thinking of the things I wanted to do after work: continue reading Harry Potter, read a couple of my favorite blogs, and watch videos on YouTube. At long last I finished work at around 9:00PM feeling exhausted; I told myself, hello weekend!

Since I had to stare at my computer for a long time, I opted to rest my eyes for a few minutes before I started reading a chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I would lost track of time whenever I read Harry Potter so to manage my time and still do the other things I want to do, I would set my alarm for an hour. To be honest, nothing excites me more (these days) than to read my favorite books, read blogs of talented writers, check my LinkedIn feeds and Pinterest, and to watch my favorite bloggers on YouTube.

Nowadays, the simplest things bring me the greatest happiness. I don’t deny that I love to shop and splurge from time to time but I still consider the simple things priceless. I cherish those moments when I spend quality time with myself doing the things I want.

Saturday was pretty chill. I woke up late, enjoyed my morning coffee, and just watched Netflix the whole morning. The afternoon was spent out supporting my parents in their side hustle. We also met with a few relatives and had a nice dinner at the mall. To our surprise, my sister and her fiancé were dining at the nearby restaurant. I spent the rest of the night with my sister and her fiancé strolling around the mall. We went for a quick detour at Marks & Spencer to buy some of my favorite All Butter Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I’m actually nuts about them and my sudden craving made me ruin my diet (what diet?).

I constantly start my Sunday going to the church with my mom. The rest of my Sunday activities vary depending on my mood. I could no longer count the Sundays I spent curled up in bed sleeping in. I could get really lazy you know. Just recently, I decided to be consistent in dedicating my Sundays for self care and relaxation (no more lazy a**). Whether I’m solo or with my family, I’ll make sure to schedule a massage or facial appointment as part of the “take care of myself” habit that I’m trying to build.

Randomly, I’ve decided to have my roots done and have a keratin treatment. I usually have the keratin treatment every 2-3 months just to keep my hair in shape. There was a lot of waiting while having my hair done so I decided to read some blogs to kill time. It was also an opportunity for me to think of what to have for dinner.

After two hours of sitting in the salon chair, my hair finally looks fresh and vibrant again. The whole time I was thinking about food. I was starving! On weekends, I can eat to my heart’s content so I ordered my favorite Fried Bangus at Mary Grace. I just couldn’t resist the savory bangus topped with garlic. I’m also nuts for their tomatoes and green mango sides. I went home with a satisfied tummy. It was a perfect meal to end the week.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands or products mentioned. Words and content are opinion, thoughts, ideas of the author.

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