Journal: Pizza Night

July 17, 2019

If anyone would ask what my favorite food is, I would always tell them – PIZZA! Seriously, there were times when I would have pizza three days in a row or sometimes twice in a day. I’m that hooked! I think that’s one of the reasons why I had a chart topping Bad Cholesterol. During my weeks of medication, I had to cut down on oily and fried foods to help me lower my cholesterol level.

After a couple of weeks of medication, I scheduled some tests and the results are much better. I was in a celebratory mood so I decided to try out a new pizza place in town. Actually, I’m not really sure if it’s new or if I’ve been inside my cave for so long that I’m no longer updated with what’s currently hip and happening.

I’m a huge fan of Hawaiian pizza. It has always been my go-to pizza flavor. The combination of ham, tomato sauce, cheese, and pineapple on top of a thick size dough is just splendid. A variety of flavors in your mouth, confusing you if it’s salty or sweet or even spicy if you put Tabasco sauce on top (I usually prefer pepper flakes).

I also have my share of trying out other flavors when my safe choice, Hawaiian pizza is not available. When I went to Pizza Express, a man handed me the menu and offered me something to drink. They have two pizza categories: Romana Pizza and Classic Pizza. Each category offers a variety of flavors and it took me more than five minutes going back and forth because I cannot decide which flavor to go for. I then settled for their Pollo Forza – smoked paprika chicken with arrabbiata, jalapeños and roasted pepper, with Parmesan and parsley. I enjoyed the spicy flavor but I only finished two slices since I also ordered some pumpkin soup.

I’ll definitely try other flavors and I’ll order one of their desserts next time. They all look yummy but I was already so full that I didn’t bother.

They do offer decent servings for a good price. I haven’t tried the others listed on the menu but I was pretty satisfied with what I ordered.

Disclaimer: no part of this blog is sponsored or affiliated with the products/brands mentioned. Words are all opinion, thoughts, and ideas of the author.

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