Journal: Finding Serenity

July 13, 2019

6:00AM – my alarm went off but I snoozed for another five minutes. It’s very unlikely of me to wake up early on a Saturday even when I have a gym appointment. I had to be extra early today to attend a seminar with my friend for our new business venture. I’m not a morning person so I did struggle getting ready.

Our travel was not as smooth sailing as I thought it would and traffic was a pain in the neck as usual. Anticipating traffic and distance to our destination, we left early and gave ourselves more than enough travel time. We even had 45 minutes to spare to grab breakfast.

11:00AM – After our seminar, we decided to spend the rest of the day pampering ourselves and find some peace amidst the chaos. I don’t often go out on Saturdays. I usually stay at home, take long naps, watch Netflix or read books — but not today.

We first went to Coffee Bean for a quick lunch while we waited for our facial appointment. I had my favorite Warm Chai Tea Latte and a piece of Chicken Empanada.

Lately, I’ve been scheduling facials every two to three weeks due to my regular breakouts. I’ve been seeing two dermatologists just to treat my acne. I used to have cystic acne but with regular treatments, I’ve been breaking out less than I used to; and I get smaller and fewer pimples now — thank goodness!

Since we didn’t have a proper lunch, my friend decided to take me outside the city to this charming café called Café Agusta. They serve a variety of caffeinated and non caffeinated drinks, and a nice selection food from cakes, sandwiches, pastas, and even rice meals. I love how the place gives you that Santorini vibe. Seriously, it was a perfect escape away from the city while overlooking the city. They also have a spa but it was closed at the time so we weren’t able to try it out.

You have the option to dine inside the café or have a table set up for you outside so you can enjoy the view whilst you enjoy your food. It was a bit gloomy and it started to rain so we decided to eat inside.

The interior was really cozy and relaxing. They even have a couch where you can lazily sink in while you enjoy your coffee or while you enjoy a nice conversation with your friends or special someone. It’s a perfect place for dates if you want to enjoy the sunset while you dine. If you decide to go solo, you can bring a book, pop some headphones, listen to some music and enjoy a quiet me time while you eat. It’s a very relaxing place.

I ordered my favorite Chicken Pesto Pasta and some Raspberry Iced Tea. The pasta tastes ok and the serving was of decent amount. I just hoped they have some chili flakes because I like my pesto a little bit spicy. After my pasta, I headed back to the counter to check out their display of desserts. They offer an assortment of cakes and I opted for this tasty Carrot Cake.

When it stopped raining, we decided to set up a table outside, brought my dessert with me, and took some photos of the amazing view. How do I describe a perfect moment? Eating dessert and chatting with friends while we all enjoy the sunset.

While we chat, a little kitty was making rounds at every table asking for food. It then climbed onto my lap, started to rub its head in my tummy and got comfy. It was the sweetest kitty.

After a couple of hours, we left for the last agenda of the day — massage! I’m not really a fan of trying out other spa places I’m not familiar with, but my friend recommended the place and to be honest, it did not disappoint. We had an hour of Swedish massage and it was so good that I fell asleep. The massage services are super affordable. Truly, the perfect way to end the day. We left the spa feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Disclaimer: No part of this blog/journal is sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands or products mentioned. Everything are thoughts, ideas, and opinion of the author.

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