New Favorites

Just like most (if not all) ladies, I’m also into make-up, skin care, and fragrance. Whenever I have the time, I love checking blogs and reviews to see which products are making headlines and are currently in.

Recently, I’ve purchased a few products that have caught my attention and tried them out to see if they’ll work out for me.

I have the weirdest skin ever! I have cystic pimples, breakouts, and really oily skin. I’ve tested dozens of products, went to different dermatologists, tried different types of facials but still my skin breaks out like crazy.

During my South Korea trip, I can’t help but admire the beautiful skin of Koreans. Honestly, I wished I have the same flawless glow but I’m still far from achieving that. I went nuts over their skin products and make up so I bought a few during my trip.


I’ve been wanting to try cushion foundation for a while now. I’ve been hesitant at first because I thought they are oily and might clog my pores more and further aggravate my pimples but then I tried a cushion foundation from April Skin. So far, my skin is not reacting to it and I’ve been using for a month now so I’m happy. It’s light coverage so I won’t expect it to cover the pimple marks and redness but I’m happy with how it looks on my skin. I use a little bit of powder on my T-Zone to keep the oil at bay.

I also found this cute brand, lilybyred in Korea. I always want to try the Korean make-up with glittery eyes and touch of color on the lips. For a month now, I’ve been using the gel eyeliner every time I go out. It’s a nice pinkish color with glitters which looks super nice when blended with pink or peach eye shadows. I also bought a velvet tint for the lips. It’s somewhat on the red orange side. I don’t usually wear orange-y tone lipsticks but I gave it a try and loved it.

Skin Care

For skin care, I went on face mask shopping at Innisfree. So far, I’m loving the Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask (Green one) which is good for my oily and pimple prone skin. I’ve been using it twice a week since I got it. I also use the My Real Squeeze Mask EX with Ginseng which is good for the skin and the Skin Clinic Mask.


I’m obsessed with perfumes and colognes. I have tons of them and I like switching scents from time to time. When I saw these cute perfumes from Mumuso, I just have to have them. I love the smell since they are not over powering and at the same time super duper affordable.

That’s it for my favorite products. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Share your favorites with me. Let me know in the comments the products that works for you and your current obsessions.


No part of this blog is sponsored or paid by the brands mentioned. All products are purchased by the author. This blog is solely the opinion of the author.

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