Journal: Weekend Me Time

I always enjoy a little me time. Every moment I spend to myself is something I consider priceless. I don’t know, maybe it’s the introvert in me talking. Over the weekend, I was able to spend some quality time with ME.


First on my agenda was an FMS (Fat Mobilization System) treatment from Marie France — it’s a safe and effective way to burn calories and at the same time help me with my metabolism. I’m just on my second treatment so I’m not expecting drastic results. Hopefully, a few more sessions I’ll be able to see some minor changes.

Spent the rest of my Saturday afternoon window shopping. I had a frozen yogurt with fruits as a snack. At some point I got tired of walking so I took a short break. Walking alone in the mall is not that bad. I get to squeeze in a little workout just by hopping through different stores.

Here are some of the things I picked up during my trip to the mall.

A cute statement shirt from Stradivarius that writes, “Be Creative” to constantly remind me to hone my creativity. I used to be creative but I got a little preoccupied.

I got some workout pants and shorts from Forever 21. I have never own workout pants in beige color and it’s a first for me. Plus, I think it’s cute to even use at the mall. It’s very comfy too. With my shorts, I like how it writes, “Empower”. I got it during the International Women’s Day to remind myself to not just feel empowered but also to help other women feel empowered.

On to accessories, I got my Apple iWatch a new strap. Originally, mine is in light blue color. I figured, I wanted a more neutral shade to match more of my clothes so I bought one in Stone color.

I recently bought a bamboo monogram necklace online but I find the chain too short so I visited a jewelry store to get a longer chain for my gorgeous pendant.


Self care continues. I got me and my mom a massage appointment at The Spa. One of my favorite spas around. I love the private suites which come with its own steam/shower room and bath tub. As always, the massage was great, the ginger tea was top notch. I particularly love the Shangri-La Branch. Been there a few times already.

To suffice, it was a weekend well spent. It’s not much but I did enjoy how this weekend turned out. How do you guys spend your weekend? I hope you also had fun treating yourself to some self care. Until next time.


No part of this blog has been given or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Everything were at the expense of the author/owner.

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