Journal: Flashy and Glittery

January 22, Tuesday

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and I guess shopping became my quick getaway from all the craziness happening.

I started my day with a trip to the gym. I usually go three times a week but my January has been a bit chaotic that I wasn’t able to complete my sessions every week. Today, my coach and I worked on my shoulders, triceps, and a little bit of abs (for our super sets).

After gym, I did my admin work since my paper work piled up after the holidays. I also did a few errands with my mom and went to pay my card bills.

After work, I decided to go to the mall and chill. I wasn’t planning on buying anything. I just wanted to look around. Of course, the dangers of looking around are high specially if there are large posters flashing in front of store windows that writes, “SALE”!

Yes, it’s like a siren calling you to take a look around. I caved! I went on to a store which carries a few good brands that were on sale. I was on the lookout for pinks, nudes, and anything neutral shade! Out of all the items inside the store, these two were the only ones that caught my attention.

Aldo Legysen in Rose Misce and Vero Moda VMGustine SS Blouse in Rose Gold

I think the Aldo Legysens were released during the Fall of 2017 (thanks to the box). Even if they’re not in season anymore, I still love them. They added nice sparkly flowers made of sequins to this simple slip-on. Perfect in spicing up a simple outfit. It was a freakin’ steal too! I got them for less than 60% it’s original price. The moment I saw the price tag, I’m sold!

The Vero Moda blouse is like a knitted top with metallic pink print on it. It’s so shiny and perfect for a night out or cocktails. I rarely go for night outs because I’m very laidback but when I do, I like to upgrade my usual jeans and shirt to something more shiny, sparkly, and still be classic looking. I’m normally size Medium but this blouse is a little big so I got the Small one instead. The best part is that I got it for 70% off! Yeah, that’s great value because even if I like it, I won’t buy it in its original price.

After a quick shopping trip, I headed home to do some more work.

How did you spend your day today? I want to hear about your day too. If you went shopping, what did you get?

Thank you for reading my day journal. ‘Til next time!




Note: No part of this journal is sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Everything is purchased by the author with her personal money.

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