Journal: Quick Mall Trip

January 19, Saturday

I promised my mom that I’ll be driving her to the mall to meet with her friends for lunch. When we got the mall, we parted ways and I went on to check a skin clinic if they have an available slot for a laser hair removal. Unfortunately, they are fully booked for the weekend so I just scheduled for the following week. For quite sometime, I’ve been having unwanted hairs in certain parts of my body removed. So far, I’ve been loving the results and I don’t have to go as often as I used to.

I went to H&M next. I’ve been eyeing on some basics for a while and finally decided to go for it. One of the things I want to do this year is to revamp my wardrobe. I want to buy more neutrals and pinks. I also want to invest in classic pieces and dainty accessories to go with my outfits. I might do a closet clean up really soon.

A little side story: Ever since I started my own business, I stopped wearing my corporate blouses, formal pants, heels, and accessories. I just went for the casual jeans and shirt every single day. I figured, what’s the point of being fancy pants when I’m only going to construction sites, talk to equipment operators, and just do short visits with engineers. My fashion sense and lifestyle took a 360 degree turn. I’ve been so laidback that sometimes I lose my self confidence. So this year, one of my resolutions is to revamp my wardrobe, better myself, and dress up more even if I’m just going somewhere not important. Because of my new goal, every time I go to the mall I’ve been more eager to look at stores and check all the racks for nice pieces that I want for my new wardrobe. Somehow, I got pretty excited and it gave me more reason to be motivated.

I was able to get a few pieces on my short trip to H&M.

Black leggings, Dusty Rose T-Shirt, Blush Pink Sleeveless Top, Blush Pink Coin Purse

After my quick shopping trip, I had a long lunch then went on to Healthy Options for my fix of healthy goodies. It’s one of my favorite stores ever! Whenever I tell myself that I’ll just look around, I always, always end up buying so much goods! I’m trying to eat healthy lately because of my weight goals. So, I turn to Healthy Options for their wide variety of healthy food and treats. It’s my little piece of heaven here on earth (next to book stores).

That pretty much sums up my Saturday. Thank you for reading my day journal. Until my next blog!

Note: No part of this journal is sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. Everything is purchased by the author with her personal money.

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