Uniqlo x Alexander Wang

I love to travel every first quarter of the year. It excites me to visit cold weather countries because I live in a humid country all my life. The only seasons we have are rainy and summer. This year, my first travel destination is Seoul, Korea. My friends and I have been planning for this trip since November last year.

I started shopping for my cold weather essentials recently and of course my first stop was my go-to place for high quality yet affordable clothes, Uniqlo. I happen to visit their global flagship store in Glorietta 5. They say it’s one of the largest (Uniqlo) stores in Asia. I had a major jaw dropping experience as I enter the store. I was amazed by its enormous size showcasing its wide array of clothes. Seriously, I stood there (in awe) for a good few minutes.

As I was browsing through their HEATTECH items, I came across their Alexander Wang collaboration. I’ve been a fan of Alexander Wang for his Rockie bags and so I got really ecstatic to see that he made a collaboration with Uniqlo. The line consists of bodysuits, tank tops, shirts, leggings, and underwear for men and women. The collection also comes in different colors including neon green. I had a good forty five minutes just browsing through that section. Of course I didn’t go too crazy hoarding and just picked up a few items I would need. To suffice, I just got the long sleeve T-shirt and the leggings because I don’t think I’d still need the HEATTECH underwear. I love how their pieces can be worn on its own or you can layer it for a more fashionable take.

HEATTECH Ribbed Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt in White and Brown, and HEATTECH Ribbed Leggings in Black

I went for neutrals and black because I don’t want to experiment on colors lately. I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe and I got my eyes set for more neutral shades (when it comes to clothes) this year. As for the fabric, I got the ones with stripe detail (they also have the plain ones). Plus, the texture is soft and lightweight. As for the leggings, it’s soft, smooth and hugs my curves perfectly.

I have not tested the HEATTECH part since I live in a humid country. I will definitely update this post once I’ve used them in Korea. We’ll see how they hold up in cold weather. If I like them, I’ll probably buy a couple more for my next trip to Japan.

For now, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. If you have questions or if you have requests, please send them over to my e-mail or just drop me a line in the comments. I also want to know your opinions if you already own any of the items mentioned.


Note: No part of this post is sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. All items were purchased by the author with her own money. The blog is just the opinion of the author.

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