Loving Nudes

Hey guys! It’s been a very, very long while since my last post. I’ve been crazy busy for a few months now, juggling two start-ups and it kinda drains my creative juices out.

Lately, I’ve been eyeing on some shoes. Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to splurge on expensive shoes because I think it’s harder to maintain. It took me a long time of thinking, researching, and watching videos before I bought my Valentino Rockstuds in Hong Kong. I love them to bits and I really baby them.

After my Valentino, I got myself the Salvatore Ferragamo Emile shoes. To my surprise, I got them in a nude color just like my Valentino’s. There’s something about nude shoes that really catches my eyes. Here’s to summarize my reasons in getting nude colored shoes:

Neutrals match more outfit colors. My closet is filled with different colored tops and pants and it has been a huge problem for me in the past because I always don’t have the right colored shoes to match them with.

Neutrals tend to make my legs look longer. I’m 5’2″ and whenever I wear skirts or dresses I always reach for my trusty nude shoes or sandals to give the illusion of longer and slimmer legs (that’s just me).

Neutrals make my outfit look more sophisticated and dainty (again, that’s just my take). Plus it makes my feet look nice specially in pictures.

Of course we all have our own opinions about what looks good for us. For me, nude colored shoes are just gorgeous! I’ll be adding more nudes in my collection.

Let me know your thoughts about nude colored shoes. What are your favorites? I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading! See you on my next blog! 😘

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