April Beauty Haul

Lately, stress and hormones have been taking its toll on my skin. I’m talking about major breakouts! I’ve never seen my skin reacted this way for a very long time. I’ve decided to take my skin care regime seriously and consistently.

I’ve been doing regular facials but it has not resolve my skin care problems so I’m currently on the hunt for a good dermatologist. If you happen to live within Metro Manila (Philippines) and you can suggest a good dermatologist, please oh please let me know.

Well, I did a little skin care shopping online and bought some stuff that I’m currently trying out.

COSRX has been a recent favorite of mine. My sister introduced me to it and I’ve been seeing some vloggers using different products from the brand so I decided to join the band wagon and started with their Good Morning Low Ph Gel Cleanser. I love that the cleanser has that tea tree smell and energizes my face in the morning.

While browsing online, I saw the COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad – a facial toner that gently wipes out excess oil and keeps complexion clear, refined, and well balanced. It also smells leafy. Haha! But, the smell doesn’t really bother me. Then I also got the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch – a round patch that comes in different sizes. There are 24 patches in one pack. Honestly, I’ve been liking the patch. It helped me with my “baby pimples”. Yep, I call those small, annoying bumps on my face baby pimples. The last thing I got (not pimple related) was a lip mask. I’m a lip mask virgin. I never thought there’s such a thing! I figured, my lips need some pampering too so I got the lip mask from BIOAQUA. I tried it and placed it on top of my lips for 15 minutes and it did make my lips smooth.

I will do a mini review of the items I bought once I’ve used them for a month or two. Just to see any difference or improvements on my face. I got them from Beauty MNL.

Next that I bought were from RevitaLash Cosmetics. Unfortunately, I’m not gifted with spidery long lashes like some girls. I have to pay for semi-permanent extensions from time to time. So I got myself the RevitaLash Advanced Eye Lash Conditioner and the RevitaLash Volumizing Primer for starters. I know it’ll take some time but I’m willing to wait and see how it’ll turn out. I’ve read reviews about the product and I’ve seen so many good reviews. I also did a comparison with other products but so far, it has better reviews. It’s a little pricey but if it works then it’s worth it. I got mine from Nordstrom and I have to say, they impressed me with their quick delivery service. Shipping from the U.S. to the Philippines, I got my package in a week’s time. I was expecting two to three weeks but they really beat my expectations.

The last set of items that I bought are from Clinique. Since my acne breakouts, I switched from my MAC Studio Fix Powder (I still love my MAC) to a Clinique Acne Solutions Powder Make-up. I’ve been using it for a while and I’ve been liking it. Recently, I decided to add the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-up (Shade 63 Fresh Beige) to work hand-in-hand with my powder. I have tried this foundation before and it’s not cakey yet it gives you the right amount of coverage plus, it doesn’t make me oily given that I have a super oily T-Zone.

For the lipstick, I saw one of my fave YouTube Vloggers wear it in one of her videos and loved the color on her. So, I decided to personally check it out and see if it’ll look good on me. It is pretty neutral so it’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s matte but not super matte that your lips look dehydrated. I got my Clinique Pop Matte Lip Color + Primer in Blushing Pop (01).

There you have it guys! My April Beauty + Skin Care Haul. If you have tried out any of the products mentioned here or if you have amazing suggestions as to what works for you and your skin tone, please leave your comments and I’ll be happy to read them.


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