2018 Wish List

I admit, I’m super late in posting my 2018 Wish List (since its already end of March) but I just have to. Honestly, its hard to make a list when you are eyeing on so many things for the year.  So, how do I narrow them down? Given that I have budget limitations, I have to be realistic with my list and weighing what I can and cannot afford is of top priority. Of course, I don’t want to get broke just because I’m lusting over some luxury bag or shoes. Next, I’d ask myself if I’d rather splurge on one expensive item or get a few less expensive ones. Most of the time, I’d choose to get the less expensive ones because I’m still having a hard time convincing myself to get an item that is worth beyond $2,500! Maybe someday (although I’m still saving up for that Chanel Double Flap).

For this quarter, I’ve round up a few faves that made it to my list. I know that I’ll still change my selection perhaps mid year depending on what new finds will come out that catches my attention. Let’s wait for that. Ha!

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From top left: Gucci Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag, Givenchy Mini Pandora, Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle, Chloe Small Drew Bag, Valentino Garavani Rockstud Patent Ballerina Flats, YSL Card Case, Chloe Mini Faye Backpack, Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flat

I’ve been eyeing on the Gucci Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag for a while now. I’m actually torn between the mini and the small size. I’m actually a huge fan of small bags that I can just carry on my shoulder so I’m free to use both hands whenever I go window shopping or doing errands.

Part of my February purchase is my Givenchy Mini Pandora in Red. The first one I tick off my list. It was honestly an impulse buy because the bright red color caught my attention. Before that, I have considered getting the small version because it can carry a lot more but I just couldn’t resist the charm of the mini. I love that a small piece of bag can carry a LOT of stuff! Perhaps it’s the boxy shape that made it so roomy. It can carry my essentials such as a full size wallet, my iPhone 8 Plus, card holder, tissue pack, travel size alcohol, compact powder, lip and cheek tint, and my keys. At one point, I even squeezed in my checkbook (but I won’t do it again because I might stretch out my bag too much). In the bottom zipper, I put my pen, receipts, and some cards. It has been my go-to bag every time I go out on weekends or even when I’m out to do my errands. I love how lightweight it is. The only down side for me is that despite the adjustable straps, its still long for my 5’2″ frame. It sits below my hips which is why I opt to use it cross body. Once a while I make sure to wipe it with a soft clean cloth to maintain its pristine condition. I have no issues with color transfer (yet). I’m careful in pairing it with dark jeans just to avoid that problem.

I’ve seen so many bloggers wearing the Gucci Marmont belt (usually the thick one). The belt looks good on them and instantly adds a luxury feel to any outfit. As for me, I have my eyes set on the thinner version in dusty pink leather. I’m crazy for neutral shades like nudes, baby pink, and beige colors when it comes to accessories and shoes. Just on the safe side, I can pair them with almost anything. I currently own a Gucci GG Blooms Belt and love it! I use it to spice up my usual white tee and jeans, and also wore it once to add a bit of glamour to my simple gown during a wedding. The flower print + gold hardware combo made the belt feminine and classy. Since I’m beyond satisfied with my Gucci belt purchase, I decided to add another one on my list in plain color.

I have two Chloe bags on my wish list. The Chloe Drew and the Chloe Faye. I have been checking Pinterest too much thus my Chloe Drew obsession. Haha! I like to take inspiration from bloggers and vloggers who uses this bag. Even if I don’t see at as a regular everyday bag, I plan to use it for weekend strolls at the mall, for cocktails, date nights, and events. The small size can still carry a good amount of essentials and the chain strap is simply gorgeous. I’ll try my best to make use of it once I have it. As for the Chloe Faye, I like how unique it looks. During my trip to Hong Kong, I was able to see the mini size and fell in love with it right away. I kinda have regrets of not getting it during my trip. It can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag or even a hand bag. I think it would be a perfect travel bag. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Given the nature of my work, I traded my high heels for trusty flats. The Valentino Rockstud shoes has been a favorite by a lot of bloggers and vloggers I’ve seen in YouTube. So I figured, why not jump in? I did. I tried on the Ballerina Flats and the Caged Flats. Surprisingly, the caged ones are more comfortable to walk in on compared to the other one. I got the caged ones instead of the ordinary flats in Poudre Patent Leather. The shoes can be a little uncomfortable if you wear it for more than five hours of walking. I think its because of the leather. I don’t intend to wear it everyday. Just for special occasions and occasions that doesn’t require too much walking. I do have wide feet but its not a problem because the shoes fit comfortably even it has a pointy end.

The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flat is like a dream shoes for me. I love how fancy it looks. Although with an expensive price tag, I don’t know how I can convince myself to get one. I’m not sure if I’m ready to join the bandwagon. I still have to check the reviews about them. For now, they remain to be my dream shoes.

Aside from bags, I’m also collecting SLGs. I already have a Prada Card Holder  in Baby Pink which holds my driver’s license, ATM card, and credit card. Whenever I use a small bag, I just transfer that card holder and I’m good to go. I figured, since I already have a YSL full size wallet, I’ll get the card holder to match. The black and gold hardware is perfect. Plus, black is a safe color because I sometimes worry about dirt and color transfers.

That’s it for my 2018 Wish List. I hope you enjoy reading my very looong post. If not, sorry to bore you. ‘Til my next post!



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