Hong Kong Haul


Just recently, my friend and I took a short trip to Hong Kong. It’s our go-to place for dining, shopping, and sightseeing. Whenever we feel like escaping, Hong Kong is our favorite place to be. Every time we come to visit, we ditch the tour packages and try to explore the city freely. That means more time to window shop!

During our trip, I was able to pick-up a few things that I love. Given that I’ll be attending a special event a week after my trip, I decided to look for things to accessorize my planned outfit I was so close to getting the Chloe Faye but was able to stop myself before my credit card overheats! I was having a Confessions of a Shopaholic moment asking myself “Do I need this?…do I need this?!” Self control prevailed!


From Top: Furla Metropolis Shoulder Bag in Sabbia, Prada Logo Card Holder in Petalo F0442Valentino Garavani Rockstud Patent Ballerina Cage Flat in Poudre

I also got my sister a Prada Leather Wallet in Cameo Beige (not in photo). I wanted to give her, her first Prada wallet. She got really surprised and loved it! Haha! As for my pink card holder, I’ve been wanting a card holder for a while now. Every time I wear a small bag, I have to put my cards inside the pockets because I cannot fit my full size wallet in. Card holders are perfect because all I need is a place for my driver’s license, ATM card, and one credit card. I just transfer my card holder from one bag to the other stat.

Honestly, all my purchases were out of impulse except for the Valentino Cage Ballerina Flats. I’ve been eyeing the Ballerina Flats for a long time now and I came across four different Valentino stores, I took it as a sign for me to finally get it. Ok, so I’m just finding a reason to buy it but still, it’s been long overdue. I tried both the flats and cage flats and instantly had to go for the cage ones because it’s more comfortable to use. It clings to my feet and I don’t have to worry about accidentally and unintentionally removing my shoes in public.

During our stop at one of the department stores in Central, Hong Kong, I have stumbled upon this super cute Furla Mini Metropolis bag. I was thinking of getting the mini in light pink color to match the dress I was going to wear to an event. As I was inquiring, the color I wanted was sold out and the Sales Assistant suggested that they have the color I wanted in the next size up. Although I was hesitant (because I love the mini one a lot), she convinced me to get the next size and told me that there’s just a small price difference. Before I even get to pay for the bag, I saw the largest size for the Metropolis bag in Sabbia (sort of grayish color) and instantly had a change of heart. I love how the strap is not all chain and you can adjust it to the length you want. Plus, it’s big enough to carry a full size wallet and my iPhone 8 Plus but still just the right size for parties and events. You can also carry it like a clutch.

A Little Side Note:

Even if I’ve been to Hong Kong for a few times, I still feel like there’s so much more to explore and try out. What helped me a lot in planning my Hong Kong itinerary are from two amazing apps: My Hong Kong Guide and Klook.

My Hong Kong Guide is a mobile app available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. The app gives you an idea of places you can visit, attractions you can explore, events you can go to. It saved me a lot of time plotting my itinerary.

Klook offers discounts to attractions, theme parks, transportation, and other activities. I bought our Disney and Ocean Park tickets from the Klook app.

There goes my Hong Kong Haul. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog. ‘Til my next one!


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